![[Charity Poster.jpeg|lightbox|300]] *a short film [[Screenwriting|written]] & [[Directing|directed]] by [[Bio|Alex Haney]]* Amid the rise of social media, a teenager struggles to find courage when an online threat sends shockwaves through her family and school. “Charity” explores the impact of the digital era on students, parents, and schools. Along with a shortened version, received 10 awards including Best Family Short Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and Best Drama at the Calabasas Film Festival and screened at 16 film festivals including the Carmel International Film Festival, Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, and Sedona International Film Festival. --- ![[Charity still 2.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 4.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 3.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 1.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 7.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 8.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 6.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 9.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 10.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 11.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 12.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 13.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 14.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 15.jpg|lightbox]] --- > [!quote] Alex has done a great job with his message here. I absolutely loved the way Katherine becomes empowered over time and rises above what she has gone through. It’s such a message of hope for those kids who think ‘This will never end.’ … Please give Alex my thanks for tackling this subject in a compelling way. > — *Cindy Waitt, Executive Producer of Academy Award-Nominated Film, “Bully”* --- > [!award] BEST FAMILY SHORT FILM > Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2018 > [!award] GOLD REMI AWARD > WorldFest Houston 2018 > [!award] AWARD OF MERIT: FILM SHORT > Accolade Global Film Competition November 2017 > [!official-selection] > Irvine Film Festival 2018 > [!official-selection] > Sedona International Film Festival 2018 > [!official-selection] > Hollywood Dreamz Film Festival 2018 > [!official-selection] > Kansas City FilmFest 2018 > [!official-selection] > Julien Dubuque International Film Festival 2018 > [!official-selection] NOMINATION – BEST SOCIAL COMMENTARY AWARD > Action on Film Festival 2018 > [!official-selection] NOMINATION – BEST OUTSTANDING CAST PERFORMANCE AWARD > Action on Film Festival 2018 *A shortened pre-final version received the following distinctions:* > [!award] BEST NARRATIVE FILM > SoCal Student Film Festival 2014 > [!award] ACHIEVEMENT IN DIRECTING > SoCal Student Film Festival 2014 > [!award] ACHIEVEMENT IN ACTING: ANGELA HANEY > SoCal Student Film Festival 2014 > [!award] BEST DRAMA > Calabasas Film Festival 2014 > [!award] BEST ACTRESS: CHARLIE MORGAN PATTON > Calabasas Film Festival 2014 > [!award] SCHOLARSHIP AWARD > Carmel International Film Festival 2014 > [!award] SILVER KEY AWARD > Scholastic Art & Writing Awards California 2014 > [!official-selection] > CineYouth Chicago Film Festival 2014 > [!official-selection] > Loyola Film Festival 2014 > [!official-selection] > Archer Film Festival 2014 > [!official-selection] > Bar’Chu Call to Action Student Film Showcase 2014, in partnership with The Righteous Conversations Project at the LA Museum of the Holocaust