Hi! I’m Alex Haney. I’m a - [[Screenwriting|screenwriter]], - [[Directing|director]], - and [[Novels|novelist]]. Read [[Bio|my bio]] for a broader picture or take a look at [[What I’m currently working on|what I’m currently working on]]. Want to get in touch? [[Contact|Here’s where to find me.]] <center style="color:var(--color-base-40);position:relative!important;top:2.95em;-webkit-text-stroke:15px var(--background-primary);paint-order: stroke fill;font-family:var(--font-interface);font-size:14px;font-weight:300;">selected achievements and stills</center> --- ![[Aesthetica.png|laurel]] ![[Art With Impact.png|laurel]] ![[Best Shorts.png|laurel]] ![[Outfest.png|laurel]] ![[Calabasas.png|laurel]] ![[NFFTY.png|laurel]] ![[Calgary.png|laurel]] ![[Westport Youth.png|laurel]] <br> ![[Iconoclast still 8.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Iconoclast still 3.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Alex Haney action shot 1.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Alex Haney action shot 2.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Alex Haney action shot 3.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Iconoclast still 5.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Charity still 6.jpg|lightbox]] ![[The Night Bell Still 5.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Alex Haney action shot 4.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Alex Haney action shot 5.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Alex Haney action shot 6.jpg|lightbox]] ![[The Night Bell Still 1.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Break still 4.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Break still 8.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Alex Haney action shot 8.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Alex Haney action shot 7.jpg|lightbox]] ![[Alex Haney action shot 9.jpg|lightbox]] ![[The Night Bell Still 3.jpg|lightbox]] ![[The Night Bell Still 11.jpg|lightbox]]